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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

Well, after the big airport delays and a day or two in the mission home, I have arrived in my first area with my first companion (Elder Marshall). So far I am very glad to have him as a trainer.

I have spent may hours tracting and surprisingly, I don't hate it. I only hate the terrible heat and humidity that we do it in. Man, those handkerchiefs sure come in handy. And yes, I am primarily on a bike in my area, so I am getting some good exercise. Also, it may be of note that I got my bicycle today and it seems really nice. Thank you for taking care of that!

I hope that mom's trip to Philadelphia went well, and that you are starting to receive some of the missionary parent's blessings. I know that I have been blessed here. One day, we saw a guy as we were walking down the road in between tracting and it randomly started to rain. He invited us inside his house. The rain became real hard but it let up after 10 - 15 minutes. While we were there, the guy gave us his interpretation of the Bible in which Judas is going to heaven. I felt the Spirit very strongly but mainly I felt the terrible feelings of false doctrine. I doubt that I have ever felt this strongly about the truthfulness of our church. I feel I have been greatly blessed and it has only been a few days.

I am really enjoying this area (Bartlesville 1st and Pawhuska), though rumors has it that it is the lowest baptizing area, but that truly isn't what it's about.

One day, we were tracting at this guy's door who told us he was very busy and to go away! Five houses later, he ran and came to tell us he's had a lot of miracles in his life and that he felt inspired to come back and talk with us. Hopefully, he will still be there when we go back.

Three things seem to not be very popular around here: 1) door bells 2) connected telephones, and 3) sidewalks. Sure, in the richer areas these things are prevalent, but we also work in the poorer areas where some houses have been condemned. There are places I have a hard time believing people live. Bartlesville is very much divided by the rich and the poor. Phillips 66 (gasoline) is headquartered here, so there is a big white/blue collar worker distinction. Though, being missionaries, we are the sweatiest white collar people around!

So that you know my current thoughts on missionary work, I dislike it a bit while I am doing it (it's too hot and tiring), but when I reflect on the days that are passed, I doubt you could think of anything better you could have done. So I guess in 23 months from now, I will have some great reflections. My first day in my new area, we help 2 people move and gave a blessing to a teenager with heart problems. So you can imagine we are pretty busy. And you can tell Steve Castleton that for my first tracting experience that I was a companion to one of the assistants to the President.

Oh well, let me know if you want to know anything in my next letter. I wish you all the best!

Elder Michael Robinson

P.S. Be sure to have the missionaries over for dinner sometime (we really appreciate it. We have plenty of dinner appointments, so don't worry about me.)