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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

I am sorry to hear about the lions out front. Hopefully, the replacements will look even better. And Dad, sorry I am not there to help you lift them. Anyways, I hope that mom's birthday went well. What were the gifts this year? Anything exciting happen?

Well, the weather has been getting pretty crazy around here. Hot one day, then big rains and thunderstorms the next. But, I guess it's kind of nice to have a variety of weather. I have used my trench coat several times already. And please send me some polyester ties soon. I got your package with the tie holder, it was much appreciated.

In your last letter, you asked about my mission president. He seems to be a great guy, but it is not like I know him well. He has told a good joke or two, and is constantly urging us to do better. The mission is up 25% in baptisms compared to last year (only 4 missions in the south are up.) The 9 year old son of the inactive mother has been scheduled to be baptized on Friday. Though we have had to teach him the 6 discussions, I still don't exactly feel like he is one to be added to my mission conversion count. His grandfather is coming to baptize and confirm him, since his father is not a member. However it is interesting to look at this kid and think about our return to activity in the church.

This week we will be doing some 24 hour companionship exchanges. I guess I will survive, but really enjoy being in the area I am familiar with, my own companion, and not having to pack a 24 hour overnight bag. I guess that I am just a creature of habit and enjoy being comfortable.

Oh well, I will keep this week's letter short because last week was pretty long. I still have quite a few letters to write. Anyways, I wish you all the best... and I love you all.

Elder Michael Robinson

P.S. I forgot to mention that we had a drunk guy come by our apartment at 2 a.m. last night asking for money for gas. But we eventually got him to go away without too much hassle.

******* Second letter from the same day: *******


Dear Parents (especially mom),

We had a little incident today after I wrote my letter. Someone stole clothes from the 4 missionaries (including me) who did our laundry at this apartment complex's Laundromat. This the first time I have done my laundry here, because it is at the housing complex of the other of the other Bartlesville Elders. They have done their laundry here many times without problems and we didn't expect anything like this. One or two of the Elders believe they had garments stolen, but I don't think I have any missing. However, I do know that I did have 2 pairs of shorts stolen. So, I do not have any more shorts to wear. It is not like we wear shorts everyday, but I do need them for service, etc... If you could please send me 2 pairs of shorts, I would appreciate it. The athletic shorts you got me were wonderful for sleeping in (our apartment is warm at night.) And of course at least one pair should have pockets. Please send them to me ASAP.

Once again, I love you all!