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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

It's time for the weekly letter again! Hopefully, you find some information in this one. First off, let me thank you for sending my hymn book... it should come in handy for district meetings. By the way, we just had a transfer... I am still in Bartlesville with my same companion, except Elder Marshall was made District Leader. Also surprising was that the mission office called us and gave us the Assistant to the president's old car (2002 Malibu). Though we are still sharing the car with the other Elders in Bartlesville. We have very limited miles to travel, so we bike a lot.

The weather has generally gotten a lot cooler. However, we still have some hot days... and everyone warns me that weather quickly changes from too hot to too cold. Also, I have heard that the humidity here makes the cold even less bearable... but I will have to see when we get there.

Now, to answer your questions about my companion. He has been in Bartlesville for 6 weeks longer than I have. I suspect we will be together another 6 weeks, since he has only had 1 companion that lasted 3 months (not because he is a trouble maker or anything... but he has had a lot of companions who were). He can't really tell me much about the rest of the mission, since all of his areas have been in this area... and Bartlesville is just about the furthest he has been from Tulsa.

Not too much else is new here. We are making some progress with our investigators. However all of our investigators are from tracting... so Elder Marshall and I are starting more of an emphasis on member work. The Black Muslim I mentioned before is interested... but extremely busy since he has many kids and had major leg surgery. I guess the big excitement of this week was that we had 4 inactive families at church. Also, I have come to a much deeper understanding of some scriptures, that's pretty thrilling! In addition, the man I wrote about last week who had his children taken away was re-united with them after 319 days. He invited us over for a little pizza party.

I am including a copy of my schedule, so you know what has happened. I wish you all and grandma the best!

Elder Michael Robinson