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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

I hope you are still doing well. I really do appreciate your's and grandma's letters. Hopefully you are as excited for my letters as I am for yours. Yes, I still find great joy in the trip to the mailbox.

This week has been rather interesting in the fact that we have had very limited opportunity to work. Not only did we spend a lot of time in general conference, but we had zone conference as well. I think that I enjoyed conference the most I have in my life. I was extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to have my missionary farewell ... before they are done away with. Also, the two year temple recommend announcement seems to be well received. Though the announcement that they want to "raise the bar" on new missionaries (Elder Ballard's talk) has been the topic of most conversation in the mission. Also of interest was that the Sunday A.M. session was similar to the 1st discussion with the afternoon session resembling the 2nd discussion. We watched conference at the Bartlesville and Pawhuska buildings.

Elder Marshall's mom is a voice teacher, so we have been listening to one of her CD's while in the car. After listening to conference... I really realized just how much I missed dad's organ music. Perhaps you could compile a CD with some of the things dad plays (Boellman, Bach, etc..) and send it out to me some time, as well as the Sing Noel CD. You might request help with burning the CD from Nick or Laura. Also, send me a paper jewel case ... so I can send you my copy of Elder Marshall's mom's CD. I want you to keep a copy at home and also make me a copy so I can use it for the rest of my mission. Oh yeah, if you get "This is the Christ", "His Hands", and/or my farewell song, "Jesu..." by Bach (you played it while Marjorie was over) on the compiled CD it would be much appreciated. You might enlist Nick in finding these songs. Either way, this is not an urgent matter.

How was your conference experience? I miss and love you all!

Elder Michael Robinson