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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

Hopefully all is going well for you. Things have been going pretty well here, but I feel that there isn't too much to write about.

One of the few things that are noteworthy is that our recent convert lost his job. Since he has to begin the job search, he fired the people he was going to have sheet rocking at the new house and will pay himself what he was going to pay them. Since he had to rent an overhead jack to hold up the sheet rock, we decided to help him with that on his days off. We helped him get quite a bit accomplished and most of the house seems to be done, or at least we should be done with the big and heavy 12 foot pieces. He believes we should be taping & mudding by Tuesday.

He also believes the Lord was watching over him when he had the sheet rock jack in his vehicle. His suburban has a back door that is pretty difficult to open, unless you know what you are doing. Someone knocked on his door at about 2AM asking if he wanted two guys in his truck. Billy went out, and there had been some tampering with the vehicle but the guys couldn't get the back door open. When we returned the sheet rock jack we asked how much it would cost to replace. They said a new one (though, he wouldn't have had to pay that much) was about $750. So, he got really lucky. We will be helping him a little more throughout this week due to general conference.

One thing we did this week's was try to call all of our media referrals. Just about everyone I talked to dropped us and didn't want to talk. Elder Green was getting a little nervous as I handed the phone over to him. But, he got us an appointment for Tuesday night, so that went well. We still have not been able to get a hold of a few of them on the phone yet. But, it feels good to be getting closer to being caught up.

This coming week we have Zone Conference, and you will be hearing about that. Also, I will be going on exchanges with Elder Hightower tonight until tomorrow night. I should also be completing my bicycle parts trade, so there should be some good stuff coming up in the next letter for you.

Elder Green and I are still doing well, and having some fun working together. Though of course, it seems weird to be talking about Elder Green to Elder Green.

I am glad to hear that Dad's performance of The Spirit of God went so well, and I of course regret that I could not be there to hear it. I really enjoy that hymn. Perhaps there will be an encore in the next stake conference ;) We took our recent covert to a Stake Priesthood meeting (about 2 weeks ago). Most of it was talking about church welfare. Finally, the one and only Stake Presidency member to speak got up and started his talk. "I hope I don't offend anyone, we are all brothers in the Priesthood." When he finally got to his topic, "thwarting out evil in society" it didn't seem like anything you wouldn't hear in church normally. We talked about it afterwards, and I indicated to Elder Green that it is probably a good public speaking technique, more people are bound to listen waiting for it. We were also a little nervous because he might have offended Billy. Though, our convert might have a new interest in the employment/welfare part of the meeting, so it was good that he went.

I think that is about it on my end. I am looking forward to general conference. Wish you all the best, and know that I greatly miss you all (and Grandma especially). Take care.

Hope your Birthday is great Dad!!!! (I also hope that I enjoy it, but going to Wal-Mart is a highlight.)

Elder Mike Robinson