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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

It hasn't an eventful week. Last Monday we had a District outing. Basically, we just had a small BBQ at the church (outside) and played ultimate Frisbee and some soccer. I got hurt playing some soccer. It wasn't too serious, but gave me quite a bit of pain for a day or two. Also, I feel my Frisbee practice at college helped out. I really like Frisbee.

Wednesday we went to Pawhuska with the First Ward Elders. They told us we had to drive (30 miles one way) there since the member they usually go with was not able to take us. We spent most of the day helping clean up the workshop at the Church ranch. President Justesen (Branch President of Pawhuska, and director of the ranch) said he hadn't seen the building that clean in 15 years. I believe that is probably how long he had been there, and we were the first ones to clean the building. Either way, it turned out looking better.

The goal of going to Pawhuska is for all the missionaries to go off on exchanges with the Priesthood brothers and try to get a great amount of home teaching done. Though, only President Justesen showed up. So, Elder Green went with President Justesen, I went with Elder Gull (Senior Missionary on the ranch), and the First Ward Elders drove the car around. It was nice talking with Elder Gull a little bit more, since I knew him when he was brand new (when Elder Marshall & I were there).

That was to be followed the next day by our trip to Independence, Kansas for District meeting. That day we were at 100+ miles just from that trip. So, I hope we don't run low at the end of the month since we only get 1215 and we almost for sure will have to drive the car down to Tulsa on the last day of the month for transfers.

One thing I have forgotten to mention was an interesting church sign that I saw awhile ago. The sign read "Thank you Bartlesville Solid Waste Employees". That was not quite the uplifting message you are used to on those signs. I meant to take a picture but didn't get around to it.

We helped our recent convert some this week, but not nearly as much as we have in the past. Most of the circuit breaker is wired up, and the main line is now connected. However, there were some great problems when we didn't have enough slots. I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn a bit about circuit breakers.

Also of interest was that the Bartlesville 2nd ward choir sang during Sacrament meeting. We sang hymn #290 (Rejoice Ye Saints). It was nice to sing, but since the choir had just had a big performance last week their really hadn't been much preparation for this event. We only got to practice like 10-15 min before Sacrament meeting, and there was I think 2 sopranos, and not many more Altos. So yep, men's voices dominated. We went to Primary for the 2nd and 3rd hours. I enjoyed the nice change. The Primary thanked us for bringing more male voices. I told them that we needed the visual poster since we didn't know the words. Luckily, they have those in Primary!

Thank you mom for registering me for college. Though it wasn't exactly what we had wanted, I think it is a fairly good schedule. Though, I wish Tuesday and Thursday were opposite, but there's nothing we can do about that one. Still, it looks like a good schedule and I appreciate your hard effort & taking care of it.

It is also exciting to hear that "Follow Me Boys" is now on DVD. It was hard just to get a good VHS copy of it. I will surely enjoy watching it upon my return. Are there any extra features? Is it available in multiple languages? Anyways, I hope that you enjoy.

Also, I am very glad that dad is done with his organ classes. Now you can tinker with the organ again. I am glad to hear that one of the parent so greatly appreciated it. Though I don't think that for me playing the organ would increase my interest in the piano & practicing. I think that is really a desire that one has to develop. Though, I do hope dad can give me a few mini lessons on the organ. I have quite a bit to learn in that respect. I also want to improve my piano as well. Now that I know that truly is possible.

Thanks for the brief comments on my Hymn medley as well. It took some time and I couldn't write everything the way I wanted to. Come Follow Me was probably the most difficult part and Elder Green thought he might just play the regular version memorized since he couldn't get it yet. Though, I did surprise myself a little bit in being able to accomplish that. However, I do want a few more of Dad's in depth comments, perhaps after I get home. Did you try it for prelude?

Also, I would like to thank mom for sending me the picture of Cousin Dan. I am glad to hear that he is doing well and is relatively safe. I received an e-mail from him last week. That was a great surprise. It is always good to start hearing from some more people. Especially at this time when things are starting to die down in that department. I send him my best and hope the rest of the family is doing well. What are Uncle John and his family up to right now? I don't believe I have heard too much about them recently.

That is about it on my end. However, before I go I want to wish you a Happy Administrative Professionals Day. Perhaps you ought to throw a party in honor of it. Well, maybe not but it is another holiday coming up. Also, happy Earth Day! I want to say that I received the package with the Disneyland items and also the letter containing my school schedule. And dad is right, "two digit fidgets". Take care, I greatly miss you.

Elder Mike Robinson