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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

Dear Family,

Another week is said and done. I must say that, I have received quite a few letters this past week and I appreciate every one that is writing me. It is good to be getting letters, they are a big "pick me up". Though of course, it's one of those things that you can never get enough of. I want to especially thank grandma who I received a nice card from.

Anyways, this week has had some interesting highlights. First thing we noticed was at the church one day the organ was torn apart. The next time we were there is a brand new Rodgers 790C Classic Organ. The interesting part was that the organ in the chapel had been broken for a long time, and the organist had complained and complained about it. Well, he just recently moved away and under two weeks later we have a brand new organ. It's funny how things work out that way some times. Though, it sounded really good this past Sunday, so it must be a fairly good electronic organ. Does dad have any opinions about it?

On Wednesday, we went with the first ward missionaries to Pawhuska. That was quite the event. Elder Green and I moved a giant pile of branches all day into a trailer, unloaded and re-filled all day. The other missionaries mowed a lawn. Elder Gull, the Senior Ranch Missionary (you might remember him from when I was there the first time), transported us and helped hall the trailer. Funny thing is, I believe he had 3 flat tires that day. Apparently he is pretty tough on tires, but at least you know he is out there and working hard.

Following the long day of service, we had dinner at the Branch President's house. This was kind of unique since the first time I was in Pawhuska, every time we had them signed up for dinner his wife was out of town so he took us out to dinner. We had a very nice dinner, but not too much conversation. Following that we went out for the night of many member exchanges. I went with the Branch President. We tried tracking down some member that moved, but didn't do so well. We also went and saw a member who is building his own giant home. I think it's like 5,000+ square feet and looks like a barn from the outside. It's really nice. He also had the President look at a calf of his that was having problems standing up, walking, and eating. Though he works with thousands of calves, he had never seen anything like it. But, after the visit it seemed to be doing much better. We had some great conversation the whole time. He also predicted I will be married within a year and bishop in 3-5. I don't think he was that serious, but you never know. I told him that I would still be in school in 3 years though, and he said, "ah yes, but there are college bishops." I think he was kidding though.

Sadly, following Pawhuska I have had a terrible case of phlegm. Anyways, it gets real bad every time I lay my head downward for any period of time. Even Claritin takes forever to make a dent. Usually, it would clear everything up in 15 minutes. Now, an hour later I feel it has helped. I suspect I may have just gotten some allergies or something. Many missionaries don't experience it till their second year. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Saturday, we spent some good time helping our convert with his house. We were still helping with the wood panel ceiling. They are very narrow panels, and a good portion of the wood is junk. So, I mainly ran the table saw and was quality control on the panels that we put up. It feels good being there, a kind of nice change.

We had Stake Conference this week. It was nice to have a good meeting. We were told that we could not attend the Saturday night, or Sunday morning session without an investigator. Consequently, we did not attend either. However, we got to go to the afternoon session in Bartlesville. I really enjoyed it because it was the session for Bartlesville 1st/2nd, Pawhuska, and Independence. I saw quite a few people that I knew. The organ sounding real nice and the Stake President had a good joke. At the very beginning the senior Primary was singing prelude. Then they sat down for a minute and we got some organ prelude. Following that, the President got up and made the comment, "I felt like I had to start the meeting right now before anyone else tells me what to do. All these signs telling me to sit quietly, smile, fold my arms, etc." He was of course referring to the signs the leaders were giving to the Primary children. We had some good talks at the conference, but a 2 hour meeting just doesn't feel like a Stake Conference to me (probably since I am used to being in the choir and singing at both). We had a talk comparing David and Goliath to conquering our "Goliaths" in our own life. We also had a talk on preparing to be a " Zion society" now, and we read about the city of Enoch of course. Fairly interesting. There also was a great number put on by the young women, singing a great rendition of "I Need Thee Every Hour". There was a good spirit behind it.

I heard from Elder John Green recently. Apparently, he is doing well and is very excited the mission is almost over for him. He is serving with Elder Byrne, who came out at the same time I did. They are doing pretty well. It was great hearing from him. I can hardly wait to see him again, he's a pretty fun guy.

I want to thank you for the article about the inventor of Frisbees. I really love Frisbee, even though I do forget about it now & then. I think that and bicycle riding are my most favorite physical activities. Though, Ping Pong/Table Tennis is up there. It was interesting to note that he is living in Utah, wonder if he is a member? Also thank you for informing me that squirt is doing better. I really can hardly wait to see the pupper (as well as all of you). Hopefully she continues to improve.

That is about it for my end, we have the car this week so that is a positive. Had to call and order a Portuguese copy of the Lamb of God this morning, go figure.

Take care, I love and miss you all so much. I am very excited about almost being able to see you all. Hope may is going well for you, and hope to hear from everyone soon.

Elder Mike Robinson