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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

Things so far are going well. My companion is Elder John Green. He turns 24 next month, and is from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Though, his parents live in Eugene, OR. We are getting along well, and he has been trying to teach himself how to play the piano, so I can help him a little bit with that.

Well, I guess I will mention the exciting things about transfers. I got to see the World's Largest McDonalds. It is on Interstate 44 between Joplin and Tulsa. Kind of interesting, but not ultra huge or anything. I also saw Elder Ricks, he was doing well and is now somewhere in the Joplin Zone. I also saw Elder Weeks. He is doing well, and is on his way home. He told me that the investigating family we had there seems to still be open, though they weren't talking with anyone. The Bishop was going to visit them within the next few weeks. I did receive a Christmas card from them, so they are talking somewhat. Anyways, also exciting was the fact that they had a baptism!!! A women who is someone I and a lot of other missionaries worked with was baptized by Elder Weeks. I saw her softening some while I was there, but expected it to be just a little bit longer. Though, it was good to hear.

Before I left Miami, I got to talk to another member family a little bit. The member's father is H. Dean Garret, who apparently wrote the Doctrine & Covenants Commentary along with Stephen E. Robinson. It was interesting to have to relatives together. They also requested a copy of Dad's Christmas CD (the Sister plays organ and has a few questions about restoring them as well). So, don't be surprised if you get an e-mail from them.

I also toured the Coleman Theater in Miami. It is an old theater that had a 1928 or 29 Wurlitzer Theater Organ, I took some pictures and even got to see a little more of it than most people get to. Apparently, our tour guide could tell I had a bit of interest in it. I took quite a few pictures and will be sending some rolls home soon.

The big excitement was when I arrived in my area, all of the mail I had waiting for me. All the things you mentioned on Christmas were there. Apparently, the mission office started forwarding them before I knew. Elder Green said he opened up the mail box and saw a small avalanche, and thought "oh no, a spoiled kid." Though, he did read the addresses and think, "Great, he's not from Utah." Upon getting to know me, and the situation I had been living in, he understands why I am getting quite a few Christmas cards right now.

We have one good investigator family here. They have 8 children. They came to church, and we are helping them with quite a bit of service. Though, Elder Green took awhile before telling me what the service was. Surprise, we are building a house. So, I might have quite some experience after all this. We put up a lot of rafters for the ceiling on Saturday.

Church was kind of interesting. I saw quite a few familiar faces. Some recognized me, and some did not. Though, the Bishopsaid I looked extremely familiar when I walked in to PEC. Also interesting is one of the members from Pawhuska moved to Dewey, OK (in our Ward). Second ward seems nice. One interesting thing is one family made us a new dinner calendar for the coming year & signed up for every single Wednesday. Though, that is probably the highlight. We still have quite a few days to fill, though it is not bad. We stayed for Ward choir, and I was thrilled to hear we will be singing Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Elder Green had never heard of it before.

I am writing this to you from the Bartlesville Public Library (it's in 1st Ward, but I am here with a 1st Ward Elder). It is really weird showing up in an area and actually kind of having an idea of where you are going. I am remembering a lot more than I thought I would. I am getting around pretty nicely. Though, I do know the other side of town better. (For the pins on the map, 2nd ward is more of the east side of town). I went to Wal-Mart and spent a small fortune too. I needed a new water filter, the service pants I wanted, and more. So, it was not one of my more favorite pocket book lightening activities, though a lot of things were way over due that I bought. Sadly, I believe my cordless phone battery is going out on me as well.

I think that is about it for now, I shipped home a small box with 2 rolls of film and a few other things. I have 2 more I will send soon. Anyways, I appreciate all that you do for me and your support. Take care and may you have a happy New Year!!!! God bless.

Elder Michael Robinson