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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

This week has been pretty eventful as well, but not quite like last week. Elder Nelson and I are just waiting for life to go back to normal here.

Anyways, on the Fourth of July Elder Nelson and I just sat outside our apartment and watched someone shooting off fireworks way out in the county. It was nice, but not spectacular. On the fifth I climbed to the top of the high school stadium and watched what I could of the county fireworks. It was pretty far away, but I could barely make out what was going on over the tops of the trees. Still, it wasn't that impressive of a display. Elder Nelson decided to take some laps around the track while I was up there. He needs to get back into shape, since he is a runner. I of course waited till he ran all those laps then challenged him to the 100 yard dash and won. Though, I don't think either of us was really trying.

Anyways, on the Fifth we had a family that was going out of town sign up on the previous day. We had already made a few plans with another family. So, I called and told one of the families that we had an appointment at 6 and they told us to come over 7 or 7:30 for dinner. We enjoyed a good steak dinner at the with the first family and went to the second family's and had Enchiladas. Elder Nelson told them that we had just came from a steak dinner. Luckily it didn't appear that they cared too much.

On Wednesday we had exchanges following district meeting. I stayed here with Elder Singleton, even though the original plan had me going to Poteau with Elder Rigby.

It was our investigator’s birthday yesterday and he celebrated a little with the owner of the ranch, since he has a daughter whose birthday was the day before. He was complaining that there isn't much to do around here. Even as missionaries we see that there isn't much to do around here. Everyone is on the internet or watching Satellite TV or going to "the Wal-Mart".

On Sunday, right before church we got asked to teach gospel principles. So, I just got up and taught on Service. It went fairly well and I got a few compliments, but I do like having more warning. Later that day we had a cottage meeting in Waldron, AR. There I spoke on Christ-like Love and had the group comment throughout. That meeting was a little small, but we did have 3 non-members there. Sister Smith asked if I would be willing to play at this meeting so she wouldn't have to go up. I agreed, and she then asked me if I could play all the rest of the meetings I am here for.

The purpose of the Waldron cottage meeting is to hopefully get a Branch there some day. They have the meeting every second Sunday of the month up there. They are hoping that if they get enough people coming that it will become it's own Branch. My thought is that a Waldron Branch is so far in the future. But it is a nice little meeting.

I also played in Priesthood this week. I selected Hymn #166 and went on playing some prelude. I played # 167 and then #284, to which the first counselor stopped me and said, "We will sing that, it has to do perfectly with my Gospel Doctrine lesson." I don't know about you, but I don't know what place Kolob has to do in Gospel Doctrine. Either way, that is what we ended up singing.

I received a card from grandma this week, and I am most appreciative of it. Mom's letter this past week was pretty nice. I enjoyed seeing the flyer and hearing about Britten's sister (I am pretty sure it's her). As to mom's question about more boxes being sent home, I would suspect there might be one more. However, I do not know since I am not actively packing yet. Most of the things I have now I use pretty regularly, so I can't really start packing until late this coming week, maybe early next week. But, I am pretty sure that I will be able to get it all done.

Hopefully dad enjoyed his AGO convention. I know that I am looking forward to hearing about it. Perhaps they ought to sell sheet music at them, since it is so hard to find otherwise. Plus, you pretty much have a captive audience. Just an idea.

That has pretty much been my week. I appreciate all your support, and it's hard to believe that the time is almost at hand. I wish you all the best and am greatly looking forward to seeing all of you. Let me know if there is anything you need from me.

Elder Mike Robinson