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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

Yet again, a major GRRRR. I am using the Neosho Library computers today. There is a big thunderstorm going on. The power just went out and I lost about 3/4 of the letter I was going to send you. So you may not get a full letter this week. Though, you should be getting a call this week. Anyways, that is the story of another GRRRRR with my e-mail experience since I started using it. Sadly, I never have had any of these problems back home. Oh well, I will end this note now. And hopefully write you another.

Elder Mike Robinson

The real letter…

Dear Family,

Well I am here in Neosho on exchanges today with Elder Chester Green (He's been out six weeks less). It has been pretty interesting already, and we are exchanging back tomorrow at around 3.

Anyways, we started today off with a District meeting and outing (on P-day). We had our meeting and then played basketball and ping pong at the Monett chapel. All of us felt pretty tired after our 2nd game. It was kind of interesting, no one is as spry as they used to be.

After that we went to Taco Palace. It is a restaurant owned by a member in Monett. This member interestingly enough collects Church history items, expensive ones as well. I believe he even has a death mask to Joseph Smith, as well as some early anti-Mormon material, etc. And, for dad's knowledge, I do believe he uses E-bay some. Anyways, we enjoyed lunch at 50% off along with free drinks. We played pool there for free as well. It was some pretty good food & fun.

After that, we drove back to Neosho & began our exchanges (Elder Koontz & Penafiel went to Miami). After a little while we got a phone call, "Elders we have the keys to your car in our pocket. Find a ride to Miami to come and get them." So, we tried and finally found someone willing to drive us to Miami just so we can jump out & get car keys.

Anyways, we drove out to Miami and stopped at the church. There was no sign of the other Elders, so we try our house. There is a light on so I assume that maybe they left the keys on a counter or something, but to no avail. Then we tried their dinner appointment. We got there 15 minutes before the time they are supposed to show up. We ask the member who was driving us if he wouldn't mind waiting, to which he had no problem. We waited around and finally they show up and we called our dinner appointment to let them know, that we would be late for them to pick us up. However, we got a hold of the wife who told us that they had already left to pick us up.

So, we drive back to Neosho and found a note on our door stating that they waited as long as they could, about an hour, and that they had left five minutes before we returned. We just went to Quizno's after that, which was nice since I hadn't eaten at one since August 7, 2002 (the day I flew from the MTC).

Also interesting, is on Saturday we had the Obert's, one of the office couples, come up and visit our future home. They took pictures so that President could have a more information for his transfer decision. They also brought a package from the Severini's. Anyways, we received permission to receive transfer information directly from them, which will be nice since hooking up with our District Leader would be most difficult without answering machines.

We were just given a five minute warning for remaining computer time (the power outage cut a lot of it out).

Anyways, we have arranged it so we have a key to a member’s home (who will be on vacation), so we can stop in and make our phone calls home. I do not foresee any problems with a 7 (your time) 9 (mine), but keep your options open. Be ready at 7 though, but probably a few minutes later.

Got to go, but I love and miss you lots. Thanks for all the support at this important time of year.

Elder Michael Robinson