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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

Just over a fifth of a century ago, in a quaint little town far, far away. On a slightly chilled morning with many gathered around, was the event that started it all. So, how did I do at over dramatizing my birthday? Yes... I am now twenty, and it is hard to believe. Hopefully you did something fun to celebrate. Our day was pretty slow, but dinner was great. We had pork chops, mashed potatoes, carrots and green beans. We even had cake and ice cream, though it wasn't a special "Happy Birthday" cake, but the food was delicious.

Our highlight of the week came as were delivering a media referral out in the country. We had a little time, so we decided to go a little further down the road. We saw a trailer that just epitomizes what you would think you would see in very rural Oklahoma. You know, old appliances scattered, chickens everywhere, some dogs, etc. We then look around some more and found an piece of an old tin roof tied to a tree. It had spray painted on it "Trespassers will be shot!" Elder Sorenson and I jumped at the picture opportunity, though we took them from inside the car. It was interesting to see something like that, so hopefully the picture comes out. Speaking of pictures, the last roll that I sent home has the picture of me with the Atkinson's, if you want to show Brother Hoppie.

In my last interview with President Peterson, he asked me "Parents still miss you, love you, etc?" To which I responded "So they say, President." He quickly responded "You are an only child, Elder Robinson, you have nothing to worry about!" So, the interview went well. (For the record, I still miss you, love you, etc...)

Also, the member we visited in prison, had his sentenced adjusted and will be going home soon. He is thrilled and is reflecting on the personal and spiritual growth that has occurred while he has been in prison. We will be visiting him this Friday.

Elder Sorenson and I are still getting along pretty well. One thing is that I have a much greater appreciation of is the silence I enjoyed being an only child. So, I continue to learn more about myself. It may interest dad that Elder Sorenson plays the clarinet and he is a big fan of the Horatio Hornblower books and mini-series. He missed the last 2 in the series. We have had quite a few great conversations about Hornblower. He will be watching it again soon, he goes home April 19th.

Thank you for informing me that my goldfish is still alive. Mainly, I was just curious since it is probably really old by now. There is something about having a creature that is far away, really old, and not even mentioned in six months. I am still open for suggestions for naming him.

To answer some questions, church still starts at 10:00 a.m. (That is what happens when you are the only congregation in the building). Work has been a little slow, but should pickup as our investigators have returned from vacations, less stress from the holidays, etc. Yes, we occasionally get some Mexican food here in Oklahoma, however it is never quite like back home. It leaves a lot to be desired, but some Mexican food is better than no Mexican food.

Thank you so much for the birthday package, I have already given out one of the OU pins. I may end up sending home one of the T-shirts you sent me, since we can only wear them when doing service. That means the T-shirts we wear don't hold up well. We do our service here in our suits because the pricing of items we do at the Salvation Army does not get us too dirty, as most service does.

Now, for one of my questions. Why was dad wearing his work badge on Christmas in the pictures (the one with Squirt)? Also, could you please e-mail Marjorie and inform her that I do now own a CD player.

Anyways, I've got to go. I greatly miss you and really enjoyed the birthday gifts. Please wish Grandma a Happy Birthday! Take care. I love you!

Elder Michael Robinson

P.S. Transfers are January 24th. If I had to guess, I would assume that I will stay for another period. Do not be afraid to send things to this or the mission home address. Both will forward them on to me. I will inform you of the transfer information when it is available.