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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

Today began interestingly. We awoke, said prayers, etc. Pretty soon my companion went into the bathroom, then emerged a little later and handed me the phone and instructed me to call the mission home. I then talked with President Peterson and told him my companion's symptoms (pale face and hands, fuzzy vision, dizziness, tiredness and upset stomach). Though Elder Sorenson said he felt as though he was going to blackout and die, President said it was the 24 hour stomach flu and that it was pretty common in the mission right now. He told me to tell Elder Sorenson to sleep most of the day and call if it did not get better. (I do wonder if sleep would have been recommended if it was not a P-day). Either way, three hours later Elder Sorenson was up and doing much better. So, we have been taking it easy all day long.. and have been running a little behind scheduled. It looks like he is fine though. The only down side about today.. no mail. However, express mail still comes on holidays... hint, hint (just kidding).

Speaking of express mail, that is how Laura sent me my birthday gift. She spent $17.85 to send me a jar of Vista Del Lago sand. Which, I believe is the most spent on postage of a package sent to me to date. I like the gift very much and was grateful to have another memento and memory from home. Hopefully, by now you have received the package that I sent home. Please let me know that you did. Included (inside the MTC binder) are some copies of the mission newsletter, the "Iron Rod". So, that should answer dad's question.

We visited the man in prison again this week. He is doing much better and is thrilled about his upcoming release date. He is focusing on the positive things that have resulted from this experience. So, it was great visiting with him and the Lord is truly blessing this man. Elder Sorenson really enjoyed the trip as well. Seeing him go through it all, brought back a lot of memories from my first visit. It is just hard to imagine a prison with so little security. We would expect them to at least search our bags. Who knows, they might not search us because we are clergy, but I don't know. In reality, Disneyland has higher security than this prison. But, it is always nice to visit.

This week was also my six month mark. We did nothing special. Only real excitement of the day was Elder Sorenson got a phone call from the mission office asking him which airport he wants to fly home to in April. Either way, the irony is killing me.

Dad mentioned the heavy winds and the possibility of visiting the kiosk. Please let me know if it is still standing. Also, a digital picture of it would be nice, if you do. For some reason, whenever I have mentioned the word kiosk, none of my companions know what I mean. So, a picture would be most helpful. But, you don't have to make a special trip out there for just this.

Also, Dad mentioned the organ is once again working. That is thrilling! Hopefully, dad is finding sufficient time to enjoy it. Does this mean that I can be expecting an excellent CD anytime soon? (Make sure it has plenty of Boellman, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, the song from my farewell, etc.) Also, perhaps I could get a copy of the Sing Noel CD. No rush on these, they just would be nice to have.

It is wonderful to hear that the Severini's business is going well. I wish them lots of luck, because they are my second most missed family (next to my own, of course!) However, the news about Jason is a little disturbing. I will write him soon and I will remember him in my prayers as well.

The story you mentioned about Jono's apartment is most distressing. I can't even imagine such a loss. How long does he have left, and how is this effecting his mission? Though you have nothing to worry about. Since I left the MTC, I have only used an iron once. In Bartlesville, we didn't even have one. I hang my clothes instantly as I take them from the dryer. Plus, as Elder Marshall said, "It is so humid here, that five minutes after you walk outside your clothes are wrinkle free!" So, my ironing skills could probably use a little work after I get home.

Thank you for sending me the prints of my photos. I greatly appreciate it and hope that you are enjoying them as well. Also, I am curios how the movie "Signs" was, so let me know.

Let me know what is happening on your end!

Best of luck and I hope my birthday celebration at home went well! Take care, I love you all.

Elder Michael Robinson