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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

This week has not been too eventful. The big highlight is that I was not transferred. As I told you, Elder Scott (our Car Coordinator) joked with us that we were being reassigned to the Dallas Mission.  We had to call him the next day for some oil change information. So, we started the conversation by asking for the address and mission president's name of the Texas Dallas mission. To which Elder Scott responded, "Hold on while I get that for you... but, I wouldn't hold my breath." So, we had a good laugh. Also of note is that we been having quite a few dinner appointments recently. Plus, there has been some great food.

Since dad mentioned the book about John Taylor, I thought about the story on page xix, 2nd & 3rd paragraphs under "Husband and Father." It gave me a good chuckle. Though, as you can imagine our priesthood lessons drift off topic quite a bit.

Dad's password gadget for remotely logging into the work computer sounds pretty neat. I have a few guesses about how it works, but nothing worth writing about. Also, thank you so much for your comments to the "you are an only child" statement. They are great to hear!

Thank you mom and grandma for the postcards from Arizona. I am glad to hear that your trip went well and you are okay.

Also of note, I got my suit pants back today. Amazingly, $10 and a few days was all it took to fix them. So, I am doing okay in that department.

Love you all,
Elder M. Joseph Robinson