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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

This week has been pretty interesting. Last Sunday our District Leader, Elder Powell, called and informed Elder Sorenson that he would be speaking in our District meeting. However, he would have to call back the next day to let him know the topic. He also said we would be doing a one day exchange the next week. We received a phone call that Monday to inform Elder Sorenson that he would be speaking about me, briefly as a companionship spotlight. Elder Powell then let me know that I would be speaking/training for 25 minutes about effective teaching techniques and citing specific examples. Not a bad assignment, but I only had 23 hours notice. Also, he bumped up our exchange by a week. With 23 hours notice of our exchange he wanted me, the junior companion, to lead him through a day of our work. It was a strange request since normally the District Leaders accompany the senior companion around. Luckily, everything with this short notice went well.

The week went well, we had some new first discussions. I got to teach a husband and wife in Spanish. That was a challenge, even though I did a ton of reading straight out of the discussions. We will see where that goes. But, like I said things are going well.

Let me apologize for my use of urgent in my prior letters. I was mainly afraid because I only had one pair of suit pants and the identical pair had just ripped. Plus, with transfers, I couldn't run them in for alterations until I knew what was happening. Both to Elder Sorenson's and my surprise, they were able to fix the one pair where the fabric in the seat of the pants had worn through. So, I am doing really well in the suit department for now. Though, I would keep the two pairs of slacks you bought at home for now. It is best to have those, maybe for next year's pants scare. The coats are both in pretty good shape, so no real worries yet.

Thank you for getting general conference on DVD for me. I would like to get all the one's from my mission, they will be good memories.

I received an e-mail from Nathan Simmons (the one you mailed me). Nathan was one of the people that I home taught at BYU. Please reply with a brief "Hi" explaining that I cannot use e-mail. Let him know that things are going well, and I appreciate hearing from him. Also, wish him luck on his mission.

It is interesting to hear that the pipe organ is being improved some more. Whenever dad gets around to it, feel free to use my MiniDisc player to record with. It is kind of sad that this technology did not really take off. Hopefully, it will work well for Dad. Good Luck! Hopefully, I will see that CD someday soon.

I am most thrilled to hear that grandma enjoyed her trip. A little something different in one's life is pretty nice. That's true even for missionary work. However, I am sorry to hear that she keeps getting sick. I wish her the best in her recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

I received a letter from Laura this week, informing me that Jason's back surgery was not a misdiagnosis. Apparently he still needs back surgery, but due to the newly discovered MS, he cannot receive it. So, it is a sad situation. I have already written Jason, and plan to do it again.

Thank you for sending the article about the death at the MTC. Elder Sorenson and I were both reading it. With as sad as that is, it is interesting reading about it as a missionary.

Anyways, sorry this letter is sloppy, I did not have too much time today. Take care, I miss you all lots.

Elder M. Joseph Robinson