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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

Once again, it is time of the week for letter writing. However, this time there is very little time to write. Our phone has been ringing off the hook all day. The good news is that it has all been about work for this coming week (not casual conversations). It looks like we will be busy. That's after we had a really busy week last week. We are teaching several families, mostly from member referrals. So, all in all the work is going well... however, the details will have to wait until next week when I have more time to write.

It felt kind of weird not getting mail and then getting it all at once. Marjorie tried sending it to the mission home and it got here at least 2 days before yours... so that does work pretty well for future reference.

To answer your questions, I had to ask someone who won the World Series. I asked the day before your letter got here. About being a 2005 troop leader...I doubt I would want to apply. That is so far away, I would probably want to have a job and be working again. Also, I think going with our Scouts to camp maybe more rewarding.

You might let brother Hoppie know that Todd & Tina Atkinson are in my branch. He said that he worked at Red Wing for 3 years and that the Hoppie family had brought them into the church. They are less active now, but said that they want to start coming more. It's a small world.

Glad to hear that Adam Hill is enjoying BYU, I miss it some. Also, glad to hear you had the missionaries over for dinner. You can't imagine how greatly we appreciate it.

Also, I am interested in hearing how dad is having internet, truck, and organ problems. But at least I know home is still the same.

I miss you all!

Elder Michael Robinson