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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

It has been a pretty interesting week. We have had a lot of cancellations this week, though we have done some different things. We finally got our car fixed. Some of the previous drivers had bent the rims on the tires, which caused some bulges in the tires, tires to wear unevenly, an alignment problem, and the steering column to vibrate and turn left to right and back a little. So, it now feels weird to be driving a car without a shaking wheel, though I like it.

We have been running extremely low on Book of Mormons, so we went out tracting with Spanish one's and my memory of high school Spanish. It was interesting, we (or should I say I) talked with a guy who had taken all six of the discussions in Mexico. I gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon (his was in Mexico) and answered some of his questions over an hours period of time. At the end, he asked me to pray in Spanish (a first for me). He told me that I did pretty well.

If this experience wasn't enough, a less active member moved back into the branch boundaries and came to church with her Spanish speaking fiancé. So, yours truly got to try to teach Gospel Principles in two languages. It went alright, and the fiancé wants to hear the discussions (luckily, we already have the Spanish ones on order). So, you can tell that I have had my share of Spanish for the week.

Also of interest was that today we had a District outing. We went up to Alma, Arkansas to see Parley P. Pratt's grave. It is nice to be in one of the few missions in the world where an Apostle is buried. It was great and I took some pictures.

To answer some questions, I am in the Fort Smith zone. My zone leader is Elder Beveridge, who became a good friend since was in Bartlesville 2nd Ward when I was there. I am in the Poteau District (3 areas and a senior couple). We see each other once a week (Tuesdays) at District meetings. I see other missionaries a lot less often than I did in Bartlesville.

The interesting thing is Elder "T" (his name sounds like Two-lee-my-ow), who was Elder Marshall's trainer is in the District. Though he goes home Saturday. Still, it was nice to meet him and hear a few of the untold Elder Marshall stories.

Now for a little bit about Elder Karlinsey, he left for his mission right after high school. He was mainly a wrestler, but he did play the Tuba. He got his Eagle Scout because he had a wrestling injury that gave him some free time. His mom is a pharmacy technician and his dad works as a heavy machinery mechanic for a mine.

Anyways, thank you for the news from home. I really appreciate the pictures from Thanksgiving. Take care, I love you all!

Elder Michael Robinson