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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

It has been a pretty good week. Dad will be pleased to hear that I have accompanied my first sacrament meeting. Our Branch pianist was sick, so I got to be the replacement. Things went pretty well, and I played all the hymns on the program (not ones I chose). I got a few compliments.

On Friday, I was on exchanges with our co-zone leader (district leader). I was in Salem with Elder Green. We had a pretty nice exchange, though we were very busy.

Tuesday, we had a pretty nice District meeting. Though, it was obvious that our statistics and numbers are low right now (in comparison to their expectations, not past performance). However, our leadership is happy that we are out and working. Though, the real highlight came after the meeting. Our Zone leader, Elder Jacobsen, walks up and hands me a package from the Severini's, sent over a month ago (4/16/03 to be exact). Needless to say, I was a little surprised, but happy to see it. I very much appreciate their kindness.

Also, I am thankful for your generosity. I received a package from you on Monday. So, between the two packages, I have quite a few snacks to enjoy.

Another highlight occurred Sunday night. I received a phone call from the former "Elder" Sorenson. He is doing well and is currently in Lebanon, MO. He is staying with a member family there. I will probably get to see him on Saturday and Sunday since we are having Stake Conference. It should be great to see him. I will let you know if I do.

Elder Ricks has been saying a lot of goodbyes, since his being transferred is almost for sure. He is pretty attached to the people here, which is pretty understandable considering how long he has been here.

Last week I mentioned having possibly left the Mission. After talking with some other missionaries, we have found out that this not the case. Apparently, the boundaries were re-drawn and even our Mission office did not know. So, we simply might have gone into another area by 100 feet or less.

An interesting story came up in fast and testimony meeting this week (we had it early due to Stake Conference). We heard the story of the family that we helped with the tornado damage. The father was out working in his shop when the winds suddenly picked up. He raced to the house and his wife informed him that one of children (an 8-year old) is still outside. Probably near the chicken coup. So, he raced back out and saw his son being lifted up and hanging onto the chicken wire. By the time he got to him, he had made it inside the coup. Then they both returned to the house. The father escorted the family into the basement and then rushed back upstairs. The mother waited awhile and then ventured back upstairs to see what was going on. She saw her husband frantically filling out tithing slips as he yelled to her "We need the blessings." He said that they were about 3 weeks behind in paying. Anyways, after a while his wife insisted that they both return to the basement, and so they did. They had to bucket quite a bit of water out of their basement throughout the whole ordeal. Either way, they are doing well now.

I am glad to hear that dad got his CD recorder to work. Sometimes CD-RW can be a pain. Though I want to assure mom that they do work. I have used them several times. Either way, good luck dad on getting some quality recordings. Perhaps dad can loan out the microphones for this year's Sing Noel and we can have a better recording of it! Just a thought.

Wow, it is surprising to hear that Sister Chocco will not be in charge of Sing Noel anymore. Though, do you know who will be? I hope all goes well in the future. Perhaps I could see a copy of dad's masterpiece.

To answer some of mom's questions. I do not need a copy of our phone conversation out here. Though, do keep one for me at home. We are teaching a few discussions, but not too many. Most of our investigators have heard the discussions several times. So, we are teaching a lot of "supplementary" discussions, hoping that something will click. As to the Linda & Ali answer, it will have to wait until the next letter since I am running short on time this week. Thank you for all of the articles.

Well, I have to go now. Thank you for everything. I am sending a roll of film home today as well. Enjoy! Take care and I hope your Memorial Day was great!

Elder Mike Robinson