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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

It is hard to believe that it has been about eleven months already. I will have to celebrate! Anyways, I received your package today. The new clothing should be a great change, I am looking forward to wearing them. Also, I want to confirm that I received a card from grandma dated 6/3 as well as postcard from 6/14.

The excitement of the week was Zone conference. The theme was increasing our faith. Statistically, our mission is not doing as well as we were the first few months of the year. Though we all are working hard, it is suspected that we have stopped relying on the Lord and have consequently started losing faith. So, they were not the happiest talks to listen to, but the topic did seem to be right. Also sad was that it was the last time we will see President & Sister Peterson. So, everyone (including me) was getting pictures with them afterwards. I am really going to miss them. We will have to see what the new Mission President is like. Hopefully everything will transition smoothly.

My playing for church this week went really well. I played hymns #282, 196, 319, 296 (all from the regular hymn book). It was wonderful to have some time to strengthen this talent that I didn't appreciate before my mission. It is pretty interesting how having a foundation makes it a lot easier to improve. I now think, "What would Beatrice tell me to do now?" I got a few compliments also. So, hopefully things will continue to go well.

Since Sunday was Father's Day, I really missed you all that day. I really would have enjoyed talking to you that day. Hopefully, dad had a very awesome day!

Also interesting was that we had cleaning inspections this morning. We got perfect "Good's".  It went well, especially considering that we had a power outage for the hour before.

I also received my U.S. Bank debit card and pin. Amazingly, this pin# was similar to my other one. Hopefully, this will simplify the money management process. I didn't get checks, since I would want my home address on them. Meaning that everywhere I went, I would have out of state checks and ID.

Hopefully, your wedding anniversary was wonderful!

It is interesting to hear that Brother Antis was one of those 18-month missionaries. I don't think I knew too many of them. Supposedly, you can go home after 18-months as long as it isn't because of transgression and the release will not be dishonorable. That is not to say it will be an honorable release either. Though, that is missionary rumor.

I am still waiting for my new slacks, when you get a chance. If you could send a copy of the "Senior Companion" letter from President Peterson, that would be nice. I have not received pictures from the Mountain Home car accident. Also, I just sent another roll of film home.

Anyways, I send you my best and hope everything is going well. I miss you all so much. Take care!

Elder Mike Robinson

P.S. Also, I just submitted my level 1 certification paperwork (though, the system could change with the new mission president).