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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

Thank you once again for all of your support. I received a package from home today. Thanks for everything in it. I may send home my older pants when I finally get around to sending my shoe. I also received a card from Grandma at Legoland, thank you.

Briefly at a dinner appointment someone brought up the California Governor recall vote. It sounded very amusing, I really am sad about missing this piece of history. I want to have an absentee ballot, because even if I don't end up voting (since I am not informed, and don't have time to study it). It would be something very interesting to have and see. The circumstances around it sound really intriguing, so if you have any more news about it, I might enjoy reading it.

I was also glad to hear that dad was able to save quite a bit of money on the termite extermination. It is nice that dad has had at least one positive telemarketing experience in his life. Though, is our family on the national do not all call list that I have heard a little about?

There was one extremely interesting guy that we talked with this week. I mentioned before that I met a guy in Bartlesville that said Judas was going to heaven. Well, this week we met guy that said that Satan himself would be saved. Not only did he say this, he was using scriptures to back it up. Of course, my interpretation of the scriptures he was reading did not come to that conclusion. Just because every knee shall bow and every tongue confess does not mean all will be saved. Though, I wonder why bother doing good and bother reading the scriptures? It really surprised me that this guy was well read on his Bible. Needless to say, he completely refused to read or pray about the Book of Mormon since it taught that not all would be save (though they have the opportunity to be), which was contrary to the Bible in his interpretation.

This week, we figured out what part has been slowing me down on my bicycle. I have some extremely heavy rims. Liahona probably makes them big and heavy so that less missionaries break them. Which is not a bad idea if you warranty the bikes. Though, I being the type of rider that I am (can't bunny hop, can barely pop a wheelie) bending a rim is not likely at all. Having all this weight rotating makes it feel heavier than if it was just another part of the bike. My rims are heavier than Elder Slatter's and his are called "Big Fat Mammoths" and are meant to withstand a five foot drop. Though, mine are not constructed as well as his. I guess that I will be looking at rims for awhile (especially since I will have to save up the cash, not easy off of allotments).

Elder Slatter also told me that a smaller better shaped bicycle seat may help me ride more efficiently, so maybe someday I will look into that too. The only sad part is that I won't have a lot of bike tools around whenever I get a new companion. He also has taught me how to true a wheel, so I am learning more and more. It is also very apparent that the bike shop quick tune-ups are way over priced for what they do.

This week was full of canceled appointments. It was kind of discouraging, especially with members canceling on us as well. Though, we have some good solid appointments this week to help cheer us up. This week should be busy, especially if one of us gets transferred. Elder Slatter may be transferred (he has been here 3), but I am pretty unlikely.

Mom also expressed some interest in the Redlands Stake Center having a DVD player. I believe they issued one to all of the missions not too long ago, so Stakes are probably the next step. I am glad to hear that the temple tour was a success. It looks very beautiful from the pictures, not what I was expecting for a small temple (since most look alike).

Wow, it sounds like a lot of weddings are going on. It is interesting in the fact that they are people I know (that hasn't really happened before.) But, it all sounds great. Hopefully, you didn't pig out on refreshments at all of the receptions.

We received a call today, Elder Slatter's last companion is going home tomorrow. He has served about 6 months. It is kind of saddening, Elder Slatter is taking it hard, hoping he did all that he could. Though, from what everyone says, he really didn't want to work at all. You also fear for his future, since is returning home to an inactively family in Idaho. His likelihood of staying active in the Church is slim. Though we all have choices placed before us. We can only progress if we want to.

Thank you so much for your letters and support. I could not do this without you. I really appreciate your fulfilling my requests and answering my questions. You are awesome family!

Elder Mike Robinson

P.S. It's very hot! Tell Gram that I haven't been to Legoland in southern California, but I have been to the one in Windsor, England.

Tons of mosquitoes (at times). I need to find a small light bottle of repellant for my backpack, though I probably can find it at Wal-Mart...I just need to remember.