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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

Thank you so much for your continued support. This week, Elder Weeks and I had a little excitement when we came home on Tuesday and found a piece of paper attached to our door. The notice read: "Have you forgotten?" basically it told us to pay our rent in two days or be evicted. It also mentioned some late fees. Anyways, we called up Elder Obert in the offices (who hasn't been out that long) and told him our story. He claimed to have mailed the check on September 22nd. Anyways, he called our manager and straightened things out. Our rent here is about $370 a month for our one bedroom apartment. It was an interesting experience.

My exchanges went about as expected. Though, we did find some good prospects to teach in the Ava area. It was interesting, because at 10:28 PM I had just finished my personal prayer, Elder Miller was still praying, and the phone rang. Since it was not my area, I was a little hesitant to answer the phone, but I did. I picked it up and the response comes, "Hello Elder Robinson, this is President Nielsen. I know it's bed time but I am just curious how Ava was doing?" Needless to say, that was a surprise phone call. After talking for a minute, I handed it to Elder Miller who didn't believe who it was as I handed it to him. As you can imagine, their phone call did extend a little past 10:30 PM, but I guess that the Mission President is exempt from the rule.

The next day on exchanges we went tracting in the rain. Since we were on exchanges and I hadn't prepared for rain I had to borrow Elder Kidd's coat, which was way to big for me (he is like 6'2"). So, there we were tracting in all black in the rain, without name tags visible since they were under our coats. Needless to say, we were being mistaken for Jehovah's Witnesses and yet Elder Miller wanted to persist. Oh well, that is the way some Elders are. I still don't like exchanges, hopefully there will be a little bit of a break.

We are now teaching the 8 year-old daughter of our investigating family the discussions (since we felt it is best to teach her and her parents at different times.) She has had the first and second discussions and is liking them. They are still pondering baptism, wanting a deeper testimony before doing so. Though our Bishop says, "they have already socially accepted the Church, we just need to get them to accept the Church." The mother had to stay home from Church with their youngest child, who is teething. However the father and 8 year-old came to Church despite the oral surgery he had a few days earlier. So, it was exciting to see them. Plus, there were quite a few people visiting this week, so Church was pretty full (though we didn't open the overflow doors.)

I received the Deseret Book ad this week. It was most interesting to see. Something that particularly caught my eyes was the "Book of Mormon Reference Companion", mainly because it's general editor is Dennis L. Largey, who was my second semester Book of Mormon teacher. My first thought was, man that would have been a good book to have. It has some quotes from a lot of scholars, Stephen E. Robinson included. So, you might look into getting that for me. Though of course, that is an after I get home book. Let me know.

One last thing I forgot to mention about this week. I got to ride with Joseph Smith's great, great grand-daughter (and great, great, great grand-daughter since she brought her child with her) to Ava. She gets to talk at quite a few firesides about the break-offs from the Church. She spent the first twenty-five years of her life in the Church of Christ Temple Lot (also known as the Hedracites, I believe). Which is where her ancestors went when Joseph Smith III started greatly changing the Reorganized Church. It was also surprising to hear that there are over 250 known break-offs of the original church. Just another thing to research upon my returning home.

The movie, the RM sounds great. I can hardly wait until I can see it. Hopefully you remember that I am coming home in July. Yes, July... remember that! I don't want any one month late mix-ups. Though, I guess by that time I will be able to see "The Home Teachers" as well. It is interesting that they are making so many of these movies so fast.

It is good to hear that Grandpa Al is out of the hospital. It is saddening, but I guess the advancing of Alzheimer's was inevitable. At least he is back to a somewhat familiar surroundings now. He is in my prayers, but do let me know if there is anything more I can do.

Lastly, thanks again for everything. I miss you so much. My fifteen month is this week, it is hard to believe. Thank you mom for the Wickie and Artie picture, it was great. Anyways, take care my family and enjoy.

Elder Mike Robinson