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Mike's Software

Download some of the computer programs that I have made over the years.  Give them a try, maybe one will be helpful to you.  I enjoy programming and this is a nice forum for me to showcase some of my work.  Some programs are better than others, but hopefully all will be of benefit to someone.  Please feel free to make comments on my programs.  If you have any ideas for a program, please feel free to contact me.

 Downloadable Programs (Click for more info)

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LA Fitness Mobile (iOS & Android)

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FamilySearch GEDCOM Assistant (1.76MB, Java)

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Password Vault (2.21MB, VB 6)

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Jeopardy (2.23 MB, VB 6)

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Metronome (1.4 MB, VB 6)

 Java Applets
Polygon Applet (2.52 KB, Java)
A simple polygon applet I made for CS 142.
Released 10/23/01.

Mandelbrot Recursion Set Applet (2.37 KB, Java)
An applet showing Mandelbrot Recursion, made for CS 142.
Released 1/16/02.