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[Decade Overview]

Jan - Birthday party at home
Apr - Trip to Grand Canyon with Grandma
Jun - Camp Fox on Catalina
Jul - Swimming Lessons at Saddleback College
Sep - Second grade with Mrs. Mullin & Mrs. Shelton
Sep - Became the Nation Chief in Indian Braves
Oct - Second dog, Squirt
Oct - Dick Tracy for Halloween
1990 in Review
Mar - Earned the Yellow Belt in Karate
May - Baptized
Jun - Camp Fox on Catalina
Jun - Earned the Coup Award for Indian Braves
Jul - Family vacation to England & France
Sep - Third grade with Mrs. Collins
Oct - Got hamsters (M.C. & Sledge)
Oct - English Bobby for Halloween
1991 in Review
Jun - Perfect attendance in third grade
Aug - Vacation in Utah
Sep - Fourth grade with Mrs. Eschen
Oct - Began playing the violin
Oct - Crash dummy for Halloween
1992 in Review
Jul - Vacation in San Antonio
Aug - Vacation in Utah
Sep - Fifth grade with Mrs. Smith
Oct - Began playing the clarinet
1993 in Review
Jan - Became a Boy Scout
Jun - Got rabbits (Bunny & Clyde)
Jun - Visited grandma in Oregon
Jul - Attended magic camp
Sep - Vacation in Utah
Sep - Sixth grade with Mr. Nellis
Nov - Received the Principal's Award
1994 in Review
Jan - Earned the Gospel in Action Award
Jan - Sixth grade science camp
Jan - Class geography champion
Feb - Became Science Club Vice President
Feb - Earned First Class Rank (Scouting)
Jun - Earned President's Academic Achievement Award
Jun - Perfect attendance in sixth grade
Jun - Mock Trials Award
Jun - Graduated elementary school
Jun - Most outstanding band student award
Jul - Boy Scout Camp (Chawanakee)
Aug - Visited Grandma & Grandpa in Oregon
Sep - Newhart Middle School, seventh grade
Oct - Earned Ham Radio License
Oct - Language arts award
1995 in Review
Mar - Social studies award
Jun - Vacation to Spain, Portugal, Morocco and England
Jul - Boy Scout Camp (Chawanakee)
Aug - Vacation to Oregon
Sep - Newhart Middle School, eighth grade
Oct - Earned Eagle Scout (10/23/96)
1996 in Review
Jan - Eagle Scout Court of Honor
Jun - Perfect attendance in seventh & eighth grades
Jun - President's Academic Achievement Award
Jul - Boy Scout Camp (Chawanakee)
Aug - Vacation to Oregon
Aug - Started in Marching Band (Dragon Heart)
Sep - Vacation to Salt Lake
Sep - Freshman @ Capistrano Valley HS
Sep - Started seminary with Sister Martinez
1997 in Review
Jan - Disney World vacation with Mom
Feb - Drivers permit
Apr - Band tour in Europe
Jun - Freshman band student of the year
Jun - Rode bike to San Diego (90 miles)
Jun - CIT at Camp Chawanakee
Jul - Visit Grandma & Grandpa in Oregon
Aug - Japanese National Scout Jamboree
Aug - Band Camp (Carnival Overture)
Sep - Vacation to Salt Lake
Sep - Sophomore @ Capistrano Valley HS
Oct - Homecoming dance with Laura
Dec - Boy Scout World Jamboree in Chile
1998 in Review
Jan - Drivers license
Jan - Winter Formal with Genifer
May - Prom with Genifer
Jun - Job at Boy Scout Sea Base
Jul - Boy Scout Camp (Chawanakee)
Aug - Hosted 2 Japanese Boy Scouts
Aug - Band Camp (New York Voices)
Sep - Junior @ Capistrano Valley HS
Dec - Got letterman's jacket
1999 in Review

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