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[Decade Overview]

Jan - Rose Parade opener participant
Jan - Duty to God Award
Jan - Became a math tutor
Jan - Registered website,
Mar - Earned tenth Eagle Palm
Mar - Earned the Venture Youth Ministries Award
Apr - Sea Base Instructor during spring break
May - Received Young American Award
May - Prom with Laura
Jun - Received raise at Boy Scout Sea Base
Aug - Asia Pacific Boy Scout Jamboree
Aug - Trip to Utah to visit relatives & check out BYU
Aug - Band Camp (Hitchcock Movie Music)
Sep - Senior @ Capistrano Valley HS
Oct - Homecoming with Pamela
Nov - Band took 5th place at State Championships
Dec - Band: My "Reset Award"
2000 in Review
Jan - Received James E. West Fellow Award
Jan - Mike turned 18 & registered for draft and voting
Jan - Became an Assistant Scoutmaster
Jan - 18th Birthday Party
Feb - Early admission to Disney's CA Adventure
Mar - Earned the Venture Outdoor Award
Mar - District Honor Band
Mar - Completed Scouting Adult Leader Training
Apr - Worked spring break @ Sea Base & second raise
Apr - Patriarchal blessing
Apr - Decided to go to BYU
May - Finished College class in First Aid/CPR
May - Prom with Laura
Jun - Seminary Graduation
Jun - Received most dedicated band member award
Jun - High School Graduation
Jun - Worked at Sea Base with Raise
Jul - Staff at National Scout Jamboree
Sep - Started College at BYU, DT "W" Hall
Sep - Ordained an Elder
Oct - CVHS Homecoming with Pamela
Oct - BYU Homecoming with Suthisa
Dec - Finished First Semester at BYU
Dec - Earned Venture Gold Award
2001 in Review
Feb - Saw 2002 Olympic Torch Relay in Provo
Mar - BYU Preference Dance with Crystal
Mar - Deseret Towers Invitation Dance with Crystal
Apr - Called to Serve in Tulsa, Oklahoma Mission
Apr - End of First Year at BYU
Apr - Accepted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars
May - CVHS Prom with Pamela
Jun - Bike ride to San Diego
Jun - Dan, BYU friend, visits me in CA
Jul - Earned Venture Ranger Award
Jul - Temple Endowments at San Diego Temple
Jul - Missionary Farewell and Open House
Jul - Visit Salt Lake City with Dan Czech

2002-2004 - Religious Mission
Jul - Entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center)
Aug - Arrived at Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, Met President Peterson
Aug - First mission assignment: Bartlesville (1st Ward), OK
Oct - First bicycle flat - caused by a screw
Nov - Assigned to new area: Poteau, OK
Dec - Received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Salvation Army
Dec - Called home for Christmas
Dec - Gave myself a haircut
2002 in Review
2002-2004 - Religious Mission
Jan - My 20th birthday
Mar - Assigned to new area: Mountain Home, AR
Apr - Assigned to new area: Salem, MO
May - Called home for Mother's Day
May - Made the Senior Companion in Salem, MO
Jun - Called to serve as Salem Branch pianist
Jun - Rabbit, Clyde "CB" died
Jul - New rabbit, "Thumper"
Jul - Assigned to new area: Nixa (Springfield 5th Ward), MO
Nov - Assigned to new area: Miami, OK
Dec - Called home for Christmas
Dec - Assigned to new area: Bartlesville 2nd Ward, OK
2003 in Review
2002-2004 - Religious Mission
Jan - Played the piano for a wedding
Jan - My 21st birthday
Jan - Performed my first baptism
May - Called home for Mother's Day
Jun - Assigned to new area: Mena, AR
Jul - Completed my 2-year mission and returned home

Aug - Family vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii
Aug - Bountiful temple, dad’s family sealed together
Sep - Back to BYU for Sophomore year, DT "R" Hall
Oct - Called to serve as Home Teaching Supervisor
Oct - Joined Ham Radio Club, worked homecoming parade
Dec - Home from school for the holidays
2004 in Review
Jan - My 22nd birthday
Feb - Return to the OTM (Bartlesville) to visit
Apr - University Band concert
Jun - Organist convention in Tulsa, as well as OTM visit.
Jul - Went to Bartlesville for sealing of Billy & Chasity Short.
Sep - Back to BYU for Junior year, Carriage Cove Apts.
Nov - Elected BYU Amateur Radio Club President
Nov - Best man at Dan Czech's Wedding
2005 in Review
Jan - My 23rd birthday
Jan - Official acceptance into the Computer Science major
Mar - Called to serve as Ward Financial Clerk
Apr - University Band concert
Apr - Placed on the Dean's Honor List
Apr - Jared & David visit CA with 3 parks in 3 days
May - Wal-Mart Information Systems Internship
Jun - Wal-Mart Associate of the Month: Specialty Team
Aug - Billy Short visits CA, while I return from internship
Aug - Squirt, my dog, dies after 16 years (8/13/06)
Sep - Began term as BYU Amateur Radio Club President
Oct - Sandie, the family dog dies on Halloween
Dec - Harrison our new dog joins the family!
2006 in Review
Jan - My 24th birthday
Mar - Hurt my back with a Thoracolumbar Strain
Mar - Radio Club Interview on KBYU FM
Apr - University Band concert
May - New car: Toyota Camry Hybrid
May - Wal-Mart Information Systems Internship
Jun - Toured Wal-Mart's East Data Center
Jun - Pre-release screening of Transformers movie
Jul - Visit to Church Historical Sites near Independence, MO
Aug - Recertified for CPR
Aug - Moved apartments at BYU to 211th Ward
Sep - Began final year at BYU
Sep - Began term as BYU Radio Club Past President
Nov - Appeared in BYU's Daily Universe Radio Club Articles (1) (2)
2007 in Review
Jan - My 25th birthday
Jan - Final Semester at BYU
Jan - Got Sirius Radio for my Car
Apr - University Band concert
Apr - Graduated from BYU w/ a B.S. in CS, Minor in Music
Jun - Started as an application developer for LA Fitness
Jul - Saw Wicked in Los Angeles w/ Pam
Sep - Labor Day, first paid holiday for me ever
Oct - Trip to San Diego w/ Pam
Nov - Moved to a new server
Nov - Became Engaged
Nov - Pam's Baptism
Dec - Purchased Annual Disneyland Pass
2008 in Review
Jan - My 26th birthday, Spent @ Disneyland
Jan - Moved into my own apartment
May - Married to Pam
Jun - Honeymoon to Orlando
Jun - Became membership clerk for our church congregation
Sep - Started looking & making offers toward a home
Oct - Escrow
Nov - Purchased & moved to first home
Dec - Rescued Jackson a Labrador/Shepherd mix
Dec - Returned to Boy Scouts as the 11 year old scout leader
2009 in Review

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