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I am Mike Robinson and you have arrived at my personal website. It has come a long way since it's humble beginnings back in 1996. However, the site has always has always remained true to it's roots providing information about my life, interests, activities, and yes how to get a hold of me.

This site covers every aspect of my life. Significant events were placed on my life timeline and pictures are included. Wonder what I was doing at age five? Wonder no more. My two year religious mission is also covered in depth providing selections from my letters to my parents as well as pictures. In the college section I provide a glimpse at what I am currently up to as well as provide my current class schedule for my friends to find me at school. As many people know, music has always been a great interest in my family and hence you can find pictures and audio of my father's home pipe organ. There is all this...and so much more here at Enjoy!


Have something in particular you are looking for? Try searching for it on my website or on the web.



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