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[Graduation]College Applications

The college application experience was a mighty intense time for me. Applying to eleven colleges had me writing essay after essay, filling out applications, and of course visiting the post office. Frankly, I had hoped that I would be rejected to quite a few to make my decision easier. But it was not to be the case.

In fact, I had little desire to attend BYU at first. It was not even in my mind through the early years of high school. One day my mother brought home an issue of computer world magazine, which had BYU listed as one of the top 25 master's degree programs for computer science (which was the one thing I was sure of for college). At that point I was willing to consider BYU. Later my mother took me to a "BYU Information" night at a local chapel. The evening was entertaining and had many laughs and mildly raised my interest in attending. Finally the day before I had to make my final decision BYU had sent me a letter with scholarship information. Between that and the overwhelmingly lower cost that BYU was as compared to the University of California System, was one of the final deciding factors that landed me at BYU. Shortly after arriving I became very happy with my decision and I continue to be thankful for that choice.

Below, is the list of colleges that I applied to in the order that I received final acceptance information.

College / University Applied to: Acceptance:
Arizona State University Yes
** Brigham Young University ** Yes
University of Utah Yes
Bentley College Yes
University of California, Irvine Yes
University of California, San Diego Yes
University of California, Santa Barbara Yes
University of California, Berkeley Yes
University of California, Los Angeles No
Stanford University No
Cornell University No