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[Music]One of the most fun things to do with music is writing your own. I have spent some time doing so. However, a majority of my time is spent arranging other people's works. Hence I cannot provide links to works that other people have the copyright to. However, I will include a few short midi files of works that I have composed or arranged.



Piece Play
A short introduction for a concert band piece that I personally composed. Play
A medley of church hymns that I created on my mission for a companion. Thus this piece was written to his skill level, and some items had to be simpler than I wanted. I mainly bridged the hymns together and added a little flair at times.
NOTE: Dynamics and tempo changes have not been added to this yet.
An unfinished Clarinet/Piano arrangement that I made of the Song "My Immortal," which is commonly performed by the band Evanescence. Play