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 Version 1.1
Released 4/15/02




Setup.exe (2.23MB)

Create your own Jeopardy game!  You can create your own the questions and play with up to 3 teams and automatic score keeping.  Includes final Jeopardy but is limited to one round of regular play.  Requires:  1024 x 768 Screen Resolution.

Known Bugs
The File "Questions.ini" contains the words "2CAT200 is the 2nd categories $400 question," which should be the $200 question. It's a typographical error that may cause user confusion, but does not affect program operation in any way.

Feedback / Comments
Please feel free to make comments and recommendations on this softare.

The software is free provided that the terms of the license agreement are followed. Though, the software is being provided free of charge, any and all donations will be accepted. Please doante.