Nunavut Agreement Article 8

The Nunavut Agreement contains some of the most prescriptive procurement requirements for the federal government in a comprehensive land claim agreement in northern Canada. Agreement means the Amland claim agreement between the Inuit of the Nunavut Settlement Area and Her Majesty the Queen in Canadian law, signed on May 25, 1993 and presented to the House of Commons for the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development on May 26, 1993, and any changes made to that agreement in accordance with the agreement; (Agreement) CONSIDERING that the Constitution Act of 1982 recognizes and confirms the existing Aboriginal and contractual rights of Aboriginal people in Canada, and that contractual rights include rights that can be acquired through land agreements; CONSIDERANT that the agreement is a land agreement within the meaning of Section 35 of the Constitution Act 1982; CONSIDERING that the contracting parties agree that it is desirable to negotiate a focal claim agreement on which Inuit obtain rights and benefits defined in exchange for rights, rights, titles and interests based on the assertion of Aboriginal title; From a political point of view, the directive is of the utmost importance in the event of a conflict between the directive and other instruments of the Ministry of Finance or the policy of the department (including the contracting strategy for Aboriginal companies). The directive is subject to all competing legal obligations, such as. B legal obligations under the Nunavut agreement, other comprehensive basic credit contracts or other laws. Back to the footnote [Note: Act of July 9, 1993, see SI/93-99.] The standard weighting for the four criteria is that the directive does not explain what should happen when qualified Inuit companies are listed as NTI companies, but none opts for an offer for government demand. 9 The Consolidated Revenue Fund is paid the amounts necessary to meet Her Majesty`s monetary obligations under Sections 25 and 29 of the Agreement, which are designed after this Act comes into force.