Sts Agreement

The package price includes items listed on your travel confirmation. Hotels, departure cities and departure dates are indicated in your travel confirmation and will be included in this agreement as a reference. The flat rates are based on current fares and may change at any time prior to departure without notice due to fuel-related increases. Changes in state taxes, etc. 27.1.2 enter into this agreement or any other agreement with the employer under which the commission was paid by or on its behalf by the contractor, or knowingly, except before the corresponding agreement was reached, the indications of such a commission and the terms of such a contract for the payment of such a commission were communicated in writing to the employer. In the explanatory notes below, exposure operations (Diffie-Hellman) form the basis of a key agreement, although this is not a requirement. The protocol can be modified z.B to use elliptical curves instead. (b) The provisions of this clause are not derogation from any other rights that TFL or the company have under an agreement between the parties, or which, by other means, have or may acquire by law or an international convention. 27.1.1, promise, grant or agree to grant an intentional gift, consideration or reward to a person employed by the employer, engaged or linked to the employer, as an intentional inducement or reward for an inappropriate act or non-act under this agreement or other agreement or agreement between the parties, including the awarding of an agreement or transaction and rights and obligations arising from such a relationship; 16.2 This agreement is not implemented by the exchange of messages in the form of Appendix “A” and by the adoption of Schedule “A” for each proposed transfer and remains confidential to the contracting parties, unless it is necessary to communicate to the agents of the contracting parties their terms for the purposes of the agreement. I ask you to provide the services of a coated master of Top Fenders Ltd. (“TFL”) under the terms of the STS Transfer Service contract with TFL (a copy of it below) for the STS transfer in question, which I accept on behalf of my owners and/or charterers. If, for any reason, Ship-to-Ship`s transfer contract is not signed before the start of STS operations, the customer, by accepting the STS service, accepts the terms and conditions as if the contract had been fully signed.

The down payment and approval of the terms of this agreement are necessary to confirm your bookings. For certain payment data and amounts, you will find the “Payments and Balances” section on the customer`s page. Accounts that are not fully settled at certain maturities are automatically terminated without notice. Accounts can be reinstated based on availability and rehiring fees of $25 per person. After receiving the deposit, a confirmation/bill will be sent to your travel agent. The receipt of the down payment by STS constitutes the acceptance of these terms and conditions.