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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

Hopefully all is well with you. We are doing fairly well, but it has been a very strange week. We have been quite busy this week.

Tuesday was fairly interesting. We went out and helped clean up a little bit on the horse ranch where one of our investigators works. We were basically helping clean up the old junk piles. There was a ton of wood, which I got to cut it up with a 20" chain saw. I cut it up since the investigator was in the logging industry for quite a while and had a few accidents which make him not to fond of chain saws. Elder Nelson manned the burn pile. The burn pile was big and extremely warm. It burned almost the whole day. Since I was hunched over picking up wet wood and cutting it for quite a while, I developed some lower back pain. It's getting better, but it has made sleeping kind of difficult.

Wednesday we drove to Poteau, OK where the missionaries gave us a ride to Greenwood, AR for District meeting. Though it sounds funny, it saves a few miles. Anyways, it was District meeting with President Nielson. I had an interview with the President. He challenged me to keep working hard until the end. I also mentioned that I was cooking more and we ended up talking about Mexican restaurants. On the drive back from Greenwood to Poteau, a wild turkey vulture hit the windshield. That was random, but it didn't break the windshield and we didn't see a dead turkey.

After District meeting we went on exchanges with the Zone Leader (Elder Terry). I stayed in Mena with his companion (Elder Hawkins). He has almost been out a year and had had a lot to share. So, now I should only have one more exchange on my mission.

The day after the exchange, Elder Nelson and I tried out a Mexican restaurant. When we were asked if we wanted something to drink, we both said "No." To which the response was "We have water." So, we said "Sure." After eating, I looked at the receipt and saw that they charged us 20 cents plus tax for two waters. Needless to say, I don't think I will be going back there anytime soon.

Also of note was that on Monday I received my itinerary for the trip home! Man it is close. I miss you all greatly and wish you the best!

Elder Mike Robinson