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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

It hasn't been too eventful this week. We didn't get to see any of the Rose Parade or Rose Bowl. It was interesting to hear that Oklahoma won. I assume a few people are happy about that out here. On New Years Eve we went to the branch's party. It was pretty fun, we played board games, etc. to bring in the new year. Plus there were a couple of non-members and less actives there. So, all in all we had a late and fun night. Though we still got up at 6:30 a.m. and did our study.

Mail just got here. It's been coming later in the day since new years. I just got your package with the print out of my pictures. Thank you so much, it's just what I wanted. It brings back so many memories.

The letters that I received from you this week are great! First off, I am glad that you all had a great Christmas. Hopefully your new years went well also.

To answer some questions, no I never saw 'Brigham City', though I have been told the ending. The lime Tic Tacs are a nice change, I enjoy the orange more... but lime is nice for a little change now and then. I am glad to hear about Joe (from mom's work), it was quite an interesting story. How did they find out that it was Chris and Dianna Winfree?

Now. let me talk about the Spanish work a little. I told you about the person in the branch who came to church with her Spanish speaking fiancé. They do not have a phone, so we had to find them to setup an appointment. They told us that they lived in the grey house next to the video store in Heavener, OK. So we drove down to the center of Heavener. We found the main video store in town and a grey house next to it. We tried there each time we in Heavener over the next few weeks. Luckily, no one was home (it was the wrong house).

Finally, December 31st we had some extra miles on the car, so we drove down there, tried the house again, and then decided to look for another video store in Heavener. We found another store, this one had a sign outside with "XXX" on it, and we both remembered the other store had a similar sign. Elder Sorenson and I both commented that you wouldn't expect porn to be such a big thing in these small back country towns. As we were leaving town, I noticed another video store and grey house next to it. We couldn't park at the house and we didn't want to park at video store because it too had a "XXX" sign. We felt it would be inappropriate for us to park in it's parking lot. So, we parked down the road and walked up. This was the right house and we setup a return appointment.

Upon reflection of this activity, Elder Sorenson and I recalled that there were other movie titles on the sign. We then remembered that there was a movie released called "Triple X". So, we both had an interesting experience with that.

Now, about my birthday dinner. I had found it interesting that no one ever signed up to feed us on Sundays. Finally, our Branch President's wife signed up for the last Sunday of January. At the end (when I came in to retrieve our dinner calendar), one sister came to ask the Relief Society President if it was okay to feed the missionaries on Sunday. The RS President replied yes and signed up to feed us on my birthday. So, we do have a dinner appointment now. Thus we see, it sometimes takes one to do something different to change everyone's idea about things.

I love you all lots!

Elder Mike Robinson