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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

I got your latest letter and was thrilled by such simple things as the copy of the page from my favorite children's book (The Care Bears Up and Down). However, the temperature here is not is not nearly as cold as one would expect. I just count my blessings that I am probably in one of the warmest places in the mission. We have only had a flurry of snow once since I have been here. That was pretty neat though, I never really have seen small flurries before.

My advent calendar is going well. I am still searching for the "see mom for a special surprise" paper. However, my efforts have been futile. I was thrilled to get a refill for my green highlighter. The letter openers have also been put to good use.

You asked if I have been faithful in my journal. I have written about 20 pages, and I am sending you a copy of most of them. So you can know even more of what went on in Bartlesville (since I do not always include a tremendous amount of information in my letters). Hopefully, I will be able to mail this to you soon.

My new companion, Elder Sorenson, is from Long Beach. It is hard to believe that I have ended up with companions that live relatively close to me at home. Perhaps that means I will have a few familiar faces to support me when I give my homecoming talk in church. Elder Sorenson seems to be a pretty nice guy, and we are getting along pretty well.

The family we have committed to baptism has delayed their baptism due to some personal problems. We still working with them, but it may take a little longer. We also focusing on two children (9 & 11) of an inactive member. She brought her children to our church after they attended the Baptist Church for awhile. When her children wanted to be "saved" and baptized, she said she didn't feel comfortable having them baptized into any other church. We are teaching them the 4th (of 6) discussion tomorrow. The children are very nice and enthusiastic. So, things are still going pretty good here.

You asked about me sending any film home. I have recently sent home about 2 rolls. Hopefully, you have received them. There are some pretty good pictures on them. I am looking forward to seeing them. Also, I wonder if this current system we are using for pictures is good. I would like to see (and have) a few more photos if possible. We should talk and think more about this later.

It is interesting to hear that Jeff is going home a little early from his mission. Apparently a missionary can choose to go home up to 45 days early and still be released honorably. Though, they do tell you that you might miss some of the blessings that the Lord has provided for you if you do that. Usually, missionaries come home after their date, because transfers do not line up exactly the same (as will be the case for me, I think).

Also, I am a little disappointed with the new Stake Newsletter. You are right on, it is not news... it is inspirational thoughts. They have some fancy graphics that we didn't have, but it is lacking in content. I like the old Stake logo better, the new one is too busy and cluttered. But, I guess at least someone is carrying on with the newsletter. Wish I could still do it, but obviously I cannot do that right now.

Anyways, take care and I am looking forward to talking with you on Christmas. I am sorry that I cannot give you more information about it.

Thank you Grandma for the Christmas Card! I hope that you and Grandpa are doing well.

I am still thinking about you all, so take it easy, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Wait a minute, don't do anything I wouldn't do as a non-missionary (J/K).

Elder Michael J. Robinson