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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Parents,

I most thoroughly enjoyed our conversion on Christmas day. However, that made your letters this week not nearly as interesting. Though, it is always a pleasure to hear from you in any form of communication.

I am glad to hear mom's knee is doing better. It is hard for me to imagine all these things going on at home. Though, I do wish you all the best. Have the lions out front of the house been replaced yet? Is my gold fish still alive? How does it feel to have some extra space at home? Also, be sure to save the tape from Christmas as well as other important items. I am thinking it would be fun to put together a DVD/CD of my mission, after I get home. Oh well, just keep that in mind as you save stuff.

I received the pocket translator you sent me. Thank you very much. It should prove to be useful.

Well, since I talked to you only a few interesting things have happened. We were driving down a large icy hill (in 1st gear with overdrive off) when the car began to spin, I turned the wheel and it began to spin the other way. I turned again and we were fine. Elder Sorenson and I were both surprised that I remembered the appropriate way to turn from my California driver's training course. I do remember thinking "like, I will ever need to know that." I guess I did, though it wasn't like we were in danger. A little knowledge can help out quite a bit.

Also of interest is that I bought some haircut clippers. A little later today, I will attempt my first self-haircut with some help from my companion. Perhaps I will end up trimming his a little as well. Don't worry, I will be careful and probably take a picture or two. It's just another way to save time and money as a missionary. I will use the length settings so I do not cut it too short. I also bought a tape player (w/built in speakers) so I can listen to or record tapes. So you may receive a tape many weeks down the road.

I am glad to hear that Sing Noel went well for dad, and that there was a lot less stress this year. I am looking forward to receiving that great Christmas gift (a.k.a. a copy of the CD) sometime in the middle of the next year. I will probably buy a CD player and speakers soon, so if there are any CDs you feel are appropriate, feel free to send me a copy.

Anyways, it was great talking with you. Y'all (joke) take care now. I wish you all the best and thank you for the gifts. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Elder Michael Robinson

P.S. The haircut went pretty well!