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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

What is going on? I did not receive a single letter this past week. I thought possibly they might be late due to the holiday, but it appears not. I just checked the mail today, and nothing! This is most distressing, since I would expect at least one of your letters or Marjorie's would come through. Please explain to me what happened, if you can!

This week was transfer week, so I got to say goodbye to Elder Ricks. Also, it meant a long drive to Mount Vernon, MO with our Branch mission leader. I actually got a sunburn from resting my hand on the car door. The windows were rolled down since there was no air conditioning. Though, the sunburn did not bother me at all. It wasn't too bad.

Elder Johnson and I are getting along pretty well. We do some things a little differently, but that is okay. He is from Dallas, Oregon. He has 5 siblings, and he is the oldest. His mother is a stay-at-home mom and his father is a bridge engineer for the Oregon Department of Transportation.

On transfer day, my camera battery died. So, I didn't get quite as many picture that day as I wanted. Luckily, our Branch mission leader was willing to drive me to the Mount Vernon Radio Shack. Though, I did not enjoy having to pay nearly $8 for a single battery. Still, I got a few pictures.

That night was also the Branch social. We were honoring veterans with a patriotic celebration. We had two non-members in attendance. Things went really well. They made me promise that we would be back in time for the event. The reason they wanted me I could sing loudly during the patriotic karaoke. I guess those years of Stake choir paid off. Later, the organizer complimented me.

We also had Stake Conference this weekend. Elder Dunn (James M. ... not Paul H.) of the Seventy presided. It was a pretty nice conference, the focus was families and living within your means. The Sunday session took place on the 6-year anniversary of the St. Louis Temple (according to the Temple President). You can tell that I am a missionary, since I enjoyed the mission president's talk more than the General Authority. The Sunday session was held in Castleman Hall of the University of Missouri, Rolla.

I saw "Elder" Sorenson, and he is doing pretty good. It was nice to see him again. Plus, he seems very happy and says he might swing by one day and take my companion and I to lunch. But I did have some good news for him.

Elder Johnson had been serving in Talihena, OK which is the area southwest of Poteau. He told me that Poteau won the car cleanliness competition and got another car. McCalister, OK got the dreaded Ford Focus. A few days later the Elders got into an accident. The driver that hit them was not insured and driving on a suspended license. The problems with the car have been numerous enough that Elder Scott (the car coordinator) has decided to sell it once the car has been repaired. The Elders in the accident should be receiving a brand new Chevy Malibu, even though they were the losers of the car competition. Talk about mixed signals! But I am glad that I know the fate of that car.

I am still kind of nervous about being senior companion. There seems to be less focusing on the moment and more on what effective thing comes next. Hopefully, I will do a pretty good job at this. Pray for me!

Anyways, that is all the highlights of the week. I have been having fun working on some piano music by Jon Schmidt. I think he is an LDS pianist and CDs are awesome (the one's I've heard). If you see any of his sheet music available, send them to me (maybe as a gift sometime).

Oh well, I've got to get going. I love and miss you all so much. I hope your Memorial Day was awesome.

Elder Mike Robinson