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Excerpts from Mike's Letter Home:


Dear Family,

I am glad to hear that you are all doing well. I am also glad to hear that Thumper is slowly getting more adjusted. Though his hiding under the couch for the re-roofing is understandable. I am glad at least Squirt is learning how to sleep through the noise.

It is wonderful to hear that Curtis Hart's Eagle board went well. Was he surprised to see mom on it? Hopefully, he will have some fond memories of his board.

Man, dad sounds busy with all the organ projects he has picked up since retirement. Hopefully, some great progress will be made on it. Also, it will be interesting to return home to home-cooked meals. That is something I never imagined. Though, the menu does sound yummy.

Dad's letter about why he picked to marry mom was most interesting. Thank you for filling me in on more of the details. Though, you did leave out if there was a spiritual confirmation about mom. Though I will let you know that one of our dinner appointments asked where I was from, then responded "Drat, I was hoping we could hook you up with our granddaughter." I asked them why they said that and the response came, "you have the same exact shade of black hair as she does." How superficial is this world? Oh well, I reminded them I would be at BYU for a few years, but I left it at that.

Speaking more about hair, it was brought up in Zone Conference. We were discussing it in a smaller break out session. The Assistant to the President (Elder Wagley) said that all 5 of our hair styles were unacceptable because they had the "wet look." So he had us all run our hands through our hair to make them look more natural. I was of course hesitant because I really feel that my hair style is perfectly acceptable. I am using gel, but that doesn't make it look wet, just stiff. I will maintain my present hair style because just putting a bike helmet on messes it up some and the sweat pouring off my head give me more of a wet look than gel ever will.

That was the giant theme of Zone Conference, "obedience." They had a thorough review of the rules. They say that our mission is already really obedient, but fine tuning will help us progress further and have better results through the spirit.

Anyways, I got most of the things I was wondering about answered at this Zone Conference. Sadly, none of them were what I had hoped. They pulled out the paper that every missionary receives before entering the MTC, which said, "Do NOT bring the following items with you to the MTC:". Apparently, it has changed since I received the paper (or I forgot what it said exactly) since they had one that said "Do NOT bring the following items with you to the MTC or mission field: " On it was of course, "PDA's computers, so that is still a "No" in this mission. The big surprise to all missionaries was CD or DVD players. Right, no DVD players but we should have a little music in the apartment. Most all missionaries have CD players. Even I have one, I wonder why having a tape player is okay. Are they really different? At least half of the cars in the mission have CD players. Considering how things were going, I wasn't going to raise my hand and ask about e-mail.

We also tracted into a guy we ended up talking to for 3 hours. He was full of so many anti-Mormon ideas (polygamy, future Godhood, blacks & the Priesthood, cults, etc.) He even had a book on cults which he pulled out to show us some stuff. He even suggested to us, that we can't say the book was wrong unless we have read it. We turned it around and said, "Well, that's what you are doing with the Book of Mormon." He responded, "Point taken." He asked us how we knew it was true. He didn't like the "We prayed about it" answer. To which he responded stating "Why would someone not get an answer?" We said things like sincerity, desire to change if true, etc. He later said "I don't want to believe." He was an interesting man to talk to, and he couldn't believe that we believe what we do. He was a member of the Assembly of God church in town. It is interesting to talk to people.

So you know why the letters are a little bit delayed from this area. We have to bike up to a mailbox a block or two away to drop our mail off (our mailboxes don't have an out slot.) So, we get it in the mail Tuesday morning (at best), and it doesn't get picked up until 12:15 - 1:15. So there will be noticeable delays. Sorry, I don't like that much either, but it is just the way the ball bounces.

That is pretty much it for this week. I received the new bike valve, etc. today. Thank you for taking care of that. I miss you all so much, and wish you all the best. I hope you're Pioneer Day was merry! Take care.

Elder Mike Robinson