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[Decade Overview]

Jan - Born in Mission Viejo, CA
Jun - Baby smile contest (I didn't smile)
Jun - Lost first tooth
Jul - Visited Grandma in Salt Lake
Aug - Started crawling
Oct - Stood up for first time
Nov - Started walking
Dec - First visit with Santa
1983 in Review
Jan - First Birthday
Jan - First words
May - First Haircut
Jun - Swimming lessons
Aug - Wickie adopted (Cabbage patch doll)
Aug - Trip to Salt Lake
Oct - For Halloween went trick-or-treating as a baby
Nov - Moved to my parent's current house
Dec - First bike
1984 in Review
Jan - Second Birthday
Aug - Trip to Salt Lake, "Grandma 5"
Oct - Fireman for Halloween
Nov - Artie adopted (Cabbage patch doll)
1985 in Review
Jan - Katie & Carlie come over for birthday party
Feb - First valentine from Katie
Jun - Gymboree
Jul - Salt Lake & Hogle Zoo
Oct - Pink elephant for Halloween
Nov - Train trip with Grandma to Aunt Jeannie's
1986 in Review
Jan - Birthday party with Big Bird cake
Feb - Started pre-school
Apr - Met the Easter bunny
Oct - Tin man for Halloween (Wizard of Oz)
Nov - Trip to Medieval Times
1987 in Review
Jun - First dog, Splash
Jul - Train trip to New York & Washington DC
Sep - Kindergarten with Mrs. Morris
Oct - Joined YMCA Indian Braves
Oct - Bike Olympics & met my friend Greg
Oct - Musketeer for Halloween
1988 in Review
Jan - Magic show birthday party
Feb - Made the first "Mikey Jell-O"
Feb - Whale watching
Mar - Snow camp
May - First piano lesson
Jun - Camp Fox on Catalina
Jul - Swimming lessons at Saddleback College
Sep - First grade with Mrs. Long
Sep - Saw "Phantom of the Opera" in LA
Oct - Became a Tribe Chief in Indian Braves
Oct - Phantom for Halloween
1989 in Review

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