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I took many years of piano [Piano Lesson]lessons, but did not spend many years practicing. It is a shame considering I have a nice Chickering Grand Piano to play on. I am very thankful for the many years of effort Beatrice, my piano teacher, put out despite my lack of practice. Not only have I begun to understand many of the concepts she was pounding in to my head, but the theory and practical application of the piano were invaluable through my music minor in college.

Interestingly enough, the time when I practiced the most on the piano was while I was on my two year religious mission. There were not a lot of musically inclined people in Oklahoma and I was frequently called upon to play church hymns. Hence I spent a lot of time practicing and even was called as a branch pianist for awhile. It was a great period of musical development for me, in addition to really driving home the importance of music in my life. Though I consider the clarinet to be my main instrument, the time I have spent at the piano has been more enriching to my life.